• Testimonials

    There is no better time to become a member than now.  A struggling economy requires an active, rather than passive, response.  Expand contacts and learn new methods and techniques through networking to improve in all areas of business. It is a bargain to become a member of local, state and national organizations and receive all their benefits for such a small fee.

    Jim Baratto, Baratto Brothers Construction, Inc.




    Initially, the main motivation to join the association was to gain exposure and to network with local peers. However, MMBA membership has already proven to be a great resource for so much more than that. Continuing education opportunities, updates on industry legislation and creative inspiration are just some of the additional benefits that our company has gained in the short time since we have joined.

    Sarah Day, TJ Specialty Construction, LLC




    Being members of and involved in MMBA was a huge asset to our young business. The past 28 years of membership have been a great source of education and support, not only from their administrative resources, but also through the network of both its Builder &   Associate members.

    John & Laurie Majka, Majka Construction, Inc.



    MMBA has proved to be one of the most enlightened and progressive associations. It’s focus on the involvement of government, business, and academic partners is increasingly relevant.  In this industry, it can be a great challenge to stay on top of current trends and issues.  MMBA provides up-to-date information and education, in order to facilitate strategic planning and effective leadership.  I recently became an active member of the MMBA Board of Directors where I am excited to band together with MMBA to become involved in government affairs through the association advocacy efforts, new codes and legislation.  MMBA is the local voice for the Building Industry and I am excited to actively participate in their efforts!  
    Start to Finish Builders and Remodelers finds such value in MMBA membership, which offers an endless amount of educational resources, including continuing education classes for all members per state requirements.  The networking and social opportunities afforded through MMBA membership have been of immeasurable value, and we continue to participate every year at the Home & Outdoor Show, Spring and Fall Home Tours, and many other MMBA events.  This organization offers a great venue to share expertise, to celebrate accomplishments, provide support, but - most importantly - to network and build relationships.   
    Wes Mink,  Start to Finish Builders and Remodelers, LLC





    Sev Neumann,  Neumann Construction, Inc.

    1. Professional development
    2. Building relationships


    Ron Schultz,  R&R Schultz Custom Homes

    1. Helps us keep in touch with what is going on in the industry
    2. MMBA does a great job advertising


    Matt Holmstrom,  Nor-Son Custom Builders

    1. Support of the building industry & promotion of trades
    2. Exposure for our business within the community


    Brent Gunsbury,  Bercher Design & Construction

    1. Lobbying efforts at the state legislature on behalf of builders and associate members
    2. Collective energy and wisdom gained by collaborating with other members at various MMBA events


    Matt Davis,  Fortress Built

    1. Education
    2. Networking


    Jeremy Johnston,  Northland Construction

    1. Home & Outdoor Show and Lakes Area Home Tour
    2. Education and association


    Jon Fogarty,  Lands End Development

    1. Continuing Education/Resource for information
    2. MMBA Spring & Fall Home Tour


    Terry & Corinne Drahosh,  A-1 Roofing

    1. To support the association
    2. For education classes


    Dave Peterson,  Diversified Construction

    1. Home Show, education & other benefits
    2. State & National lobbying


    Mitch Feierabend,  Hy-Tec Construction

    1. MMBA does a great job working for our concerns down at the Capitol
    2. the network of tradesmen acting as a brotherhood


    Greg Miller,  Miller Built Custom Homes

    1. My rights and interests are better protected
    2. education requirements


    Wes Mink,  Start to Finish Builders & Remodelers

    1. I believe that builders benefit from having a group speaking for them and I want to be part of that.
    2. To improve exposure to the community, Home Show, publications, etc.


    Thomas Hanson,  Wes Hanson Builders, Inc.

    1. What the MMBA is doing for our industry today
    2. What the MMBA is doing for the future of our industry